ShiaBun is a Vtuber from the big city — and he happens to be a bunny! He streams primarily on Twitch with a focus on horror games and indie titles. He’s even created a horror game of his own called ‘Virtual Content Creator Threat Exam’. Along with his passion for coding and 3D modeling, he also loves to sing. He has released several song covers which are available on all platforms.

Downtown Warren

Downtown Warren has the best clubs in town, a well-known fact within Stardust City. As you approach the most exclusive spot in town, Club Bun, the air hums with anticipation. This is the sort of place you have to make a reservation for months in advance, but it is so worth it. It’s easy to hear the excitement beyond the club’s front doors — distant laughter perks your mood, glasses click, and people shout for more shots. Neon signs bathe the street below, illuminating a path to this nocturnal sanctuary.


The entrance to the bar opens up to a brilliant display of light and sound. A space for live music is tucked into the back corner of the wall, ready for the next performance by the resident musician — a bunny man who lives above the club. A long bar sits along the wall, as well as cushy booths around the illuminated dance floor. Intoxicating melodies intertwine with the murmur of conversation, blending seamlessly to form a symphony of nightlife.


Ascending a discreet staircase, one would find the most exclusive part of the club — the penthouse, where the illustrious bunny man resides. The penthouse’s windows offer a panoramic view of the city’s sparkling skyline, a tapestry of skyscrapers and low-rise buildings, and the best view of Stardust City.


You’ll stay for a drink, right?