Rosedoodle is a cat-sprout Vtuber from Canada. While she may seem cute and wholesome from the outside, she’s a crass little gremlin when you see her on Twitch. She loves to draw, chat, and play games. She loves punishing platformers and witty walking simulators. Especially when there’s a narrator bullying her.

The Arcade Loft

Between Blossom Square and Downtown Warren sits a neon-bright slice of the entertainment district. Towering billboards advertise the latest concerts, movies, and games. The crowds move in thick chunks, stopping to stare at all the brilliant lights. No corner of the central streets is left dark, though alleyways spider out from the main street. There are restaurants, cute stationery stores, and a novelty photo booth — but that isn’t what catches your eye.


A bright arcade sits between a cafe and a stuffed toy store — the façade stands out due to the cat girl motifs in neon. This arcade was ‘lovingly adopted’ by a mischievous sprout cat girl. If you pry, the cat girl will promise she only works there, though it’s hard to believe her as she always winks as she says it.


Once inside the arcade, the atmosphere transforms into decadence and bright lights. Rows of arcade cabinets, their glowing screens offering a kaleidoscope of scores and buttons to toy with. Crane machines stand along every exposed space and gachapon machines in every corner. Little honeybuns tend to the machines, eager to make sure everyone has the best time possible.


You’ll win her a prize, right?