Our Family
Four virtual content creators walk into a cafe…


Wait, but really.


AiCandii, Buffpup, rosedoodle, and ShiaBun — each came from a very different part of Stardust City, some even hailing from outside the city proper. But while each had their responsibilities, their hopes, and their goals… Something was missing.


Hot Coffee
They all happened to want a coffee on the same day, at the same time. A small indulgence, one that they’d satiated plenty of times before. But this time it was different. They turned up to their usual spot, VchiBan COFFEE, and found themselves faced with a new reality.



It’s hard to pinpoint exactly who spoke to who first. It was an easy laugh to cover an awkward brush, the overlap at the counter, not enough seats, someone’s coat stuck under someone’s seat chair… And then the four of them ended up sitting at a booth, feeling like maybe they didn’t have to get coffee alone anymore.


Like maybe they had someone who could match their jokes, who understood them without having to explain it. They’d wake up eager to check their phone, or send memes that reminded them of the other. And then they’d end up in calls for hours, goofing, laughing, losing track of time.


But it was never lost time, the time they spent together. It was carefully curated, cherished and kept close to the chest. They worked hard to be there for one another, they supported one another. And then it became exactly what they always knew it was.


They became a family; they became VchiBan.