Buffpup’s a werepup Vtuber visiting from her home, the Eternal Woods. She’s best known for her streams on Twitch where she chats with her community. Her content is always focused on being as interactive as possible. She loves to have fun with her community, as she’s a silly little guy. She’s a skilled artist who creates emotes and assets for numerous creators — including her own!

The Forest of Mourningwood

Deep within the forests of Mourningwood stands an ancient tree. The broad trunk of it is decorated with thick vines and lichen. Its intertwined branches create a canopy, sunlight scattering the patchy grass with ethereal patterns. A lush carpet of moss and fallen leaves muffles every step, giving the forest an eerie, peaceful ambiance. The scent of damp earth and pine fills the nostrils, mingling with the fragrant blooms of wildflowers scattered along the forest’s edge.


The quiet of the forest twists as night descends. Desperate howls and whimpers rise through the misty air as creatures awaken. Whispers of ancient folklore feel real now as the stories of werewolves rise within the mind. The occasional hoot of an owl or the rustle of a small creature scurrying through the underbrush only adds to the place’s mystique.


Shadows elongate and intertwine, the distant flashes of orange and tan caught between the dense brush. The glint of blue behind a tree’s silhouette, claws drawn along fallen logs. A mischievous little laugh catches your ear, an invitation to play — or to run.


Because they are just stories, right?