AiCandii is a scientist Vtuber from Australia. They stream on Twitch where they do a wide variety of content. Their streams consist of chatting, art, coding, and 3D modeling. The games they play are primarily simulators and RPGs but they’ll play anything once. They enjoy bullying their chat and making jokes.

The Lab

Silver Creek is a suburban development settled beside the creek it was named for. Rows of charming houses with well-manicured lawns line the peaceful streets, each house neatly matched with the one next to it. Beautiful flowers pepper the yards, and children play in the streets. If asked to pick out a house from the rest, one would struggle to decide — until a loud explosion or a distinct cloud of smoke emerges from one particular garage.


Tucked between the cookie-cutter homes stands a house — much like the rest — only remarkable if a mistake is made. The hackneyed home base of an unhinged scientist, externally unremarkable but filled to the brim with technology out of this world. The space has been transformed into a laboratory.


Dry-erase boards bear complex formulas and equations, showcasing the scientist’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and power. An eerie hum and crackling electricity fill the air as some experiment throbs away in the corner. The pungent aroma of chemicals intermingles with the metallic tang of ozone, creating an unsettling scent. The distant clack of heels signals that it’s too late to leave.


You’re here to volunteer, right?